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Go beyond the limits of aluminum wheels.

particle XIPHOID5_edited_edited.jpg


A revolution in 17-inch wheels.
The spokes, sharpened to the utmost limit by the latest technology, leave an extraordinary impact on you.


New-century aluminum wheels have arrived.

First double mesh mechanism in Hiace.


BUAN JAPAN's first mesh wheel created using cutting-edge technology . The highest-quality 17-inch wheel with a special mechanism called "Double Mesh" that maximizes the impact of the wheel.

12 colors

A rich color variation made possible by the two mesh discs on the front and back. 12 colors allowing you to create your own one.


Take the one of your own color.

アンカー 1

Design Concept

アンカー 2

Sword - Tsurugi -

XIPHOID means "sword-shaped". The front mesh part, which is as thin and long as possible and extends as if to pierce the rim end, gives an impact greater than the actual wheel size.


The sharply stretched front mesh is supported by a back mesh that acts as a sturdy shield. The six-pointed star (hexagram) structure gives the wheel stability and strength, making it highly functional and not just fashionable.

particle XIPHOID2.png
Titanium polished front_R_edited_edited.png

That presence,

One of the kind

Photo Gallery

アンカー 3

Wheel Colors

Make it your color

12 color variations

アンカー 4

Spec & Price

17 inch.jpg

[Price by color (tax included)]

Standard color: ¥44,000

A grade color: ¥49,500

S grade color: ¥ 55,000


1 ornament / 1 dedicated valve

[Compatible standards]

JWL, JWL-T, VIA, JAWA standard compliant product


Tire + wheel set now on sale!

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