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Unleash your impulses

19-inch KBRACING 2-piece exclusive for Hiace is now available!


This is it.

Is this a "privilege" allowed for Hiace anymore? Hiace exclusive design aluminum wheel "KBRACING2".
In addition to the conventional 17-inch and 18-inch wheels, the long-awaited 19-inch wheels are finally available! 

Hiace, a two-piece option


Strike deep

Ideal wheels made to order.
The two pieces, "rim" and "disc", complete your puzzle. The fusion of beautiful concave design and metallic gloss.



[Price by color (tax included)]

Standard color: listed in the price list

A grade color: price list + ¥ 3,300

S grade color: price list + ¥ 11,000


1 ornament / 1 dedicated valve

center cap


[Compatible standards]

JWL, JWL-T, VIA, JAWA standard compliant product

*19 inch step rim and 18 inch reverse rim are not compatible with JWL-T.


If the rim depth is less than 52mm, the side of the disc protrudes from the rim flange.

[Rim color]

Standard setting: Buff anodized

Color options:

(per wheel…+¥23,100)

■ Black alumite

■ Matt black alumite

■ Bronze alumite

■ Matt bronze alumite

■ Brushed

19 inch Step rim

18 inch Reverse rim

18 inch STEP rim

17 inch Reverse rim

Contact us for details on wheels and tire sets.
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