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Xipoid 17inch wheels

Xipoid 17inch wheels

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Go beyond the limits of 17 inches.

Introducing the long-awaited mesh design wheels from BUAN JAPAN. The front mesh extends sharply, resembling a "sword," while the back mesh serves as a "shield," supporting the wheel, making it the first-ever "double mesh design" for the Hiace.

The robust back mesh stabilizes the wheel's strength, while the front mesh, sharply piercing the rim end, exudes a unique and unparalleled presence. Available in 12 colors, the wheels showcase a luxurious and vibrant color palette with the distinctive two-tone effect of the double mesh design.

Going beyond the limits of inspection-compliant 17-inch wheels, these wheels transcend the ordinary, delivering impact on a "gigantic" and "cutting-edge" scale – marking the birth of wheels that conquer the forefront of the era.

■Xipoid 17inch

■Wheel size: 17inch 6.5J+38

Compatible with Hiace 200 series 1st to latest model

・Black polish
・Semi-gloss black polish
・Semi-gloss black
・Semi-gloss gunmetal
・Titanium polish [+5,500 yen]
・Hyper black polish [+5,500 yen]
・Dajiring Gold [+11,000 yen]
・Red Clear XI [+11,000 yen]
・Yellow Gold XI [+11,000 yen]
・Smoke Clear XI [+11,000 yen]
・Bronze Clear XI [+11,000 yen]
・Copper Orange XI [+11,000 yen]

■Recommended tire size: 215/60R17


*1 ornament/1 special valve included
*JWL, JWL-T, VIA, JAWA standard compliant product
*The price is for one wheel (tax included)