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VALENTI Jewel LED Rear Signal Positioning Kit T20

VALENTI Jewel LED Rear Signal Positioning Kit T20

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Tail light expand lighting area!
VALENTI released a kit that turns the rear blinker into position lighting.

■ 2-color blinker valve (red & amber)
With a 2-color turn signal bulb that can light red and amber with one ball, the turning signal lamp lights up in red when the position is lit, and when the turn signal is activated, the red turns off and flashes in amber.

■ Expand lighting area!
Safety aspect is also improved, the turning signal part lights up with the tail light when the position is on.

■Simple wiring
Since the control unit is independent for each tail lamp, there is no need to route wiring to the left and right.

■ Easy to connect resistors
Wiring for connecting a high-flash prevention resistor is provided on the main unit, making connection work easy.

・2-color LED blinker bulb (red/amber) x 2
・Blinker position control unit x 2
・Installation kit
·operating instructions

・This product is exclusively for the rear blinker. Do not use for front blinkers. Not conforming to safety standards.
・This product may not be compatible. Please be sure to check the shape and fit of the rear turn signal valve before purchasing.
・Although this product is designed in accordance with safety standards, it may be judged by the inspector that it does not conform to safety standards.
・Since this product has low power consumption, the vehicle side will judge that the bulb is out when installed, and a high flash phenomenon will occur when the turn signal is activated. Please use a separate high flash prevention resistor when installing.
・When you install, it may be necessary to remove the tail lamp depending on the vehicle model.
・Please do not use it together with the brake 4 lighting kit.

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