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VALENTI Jewel LED Back Lamp Positioning Kit T16

VALENTI Jewel LED Back Lamp Positioning Kit T16

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[Jewel LED Back Lamp Positioning Kit T16]

Jewel LED Backlight Positioning Kit T16 by VALENTI is a backlight positioning kit that offers increased safety with exceptional brightness. With the 2-color backlight bulb that can light up in both white and red with one bulb, the backlight will light up in red during positioning and switch to white when reversing. LED chips are placed uniformly for better illumination than the original bulb. The larger illuminated area during positioning increases safety.

・2-color LED Backlight Bulb (Red/White) x 2
・Back Lamp Position Control Unit x 2
・Installation Kit
・Operating Instructions

■ Compliant Vehicle Inspection
■ Conforms to safety standards
■ 1 year warranty

・This product is exclusively for back lamp bulbs. Do not use it for anything other than a back lamp bulb. Not conforming to safety standards.
・This product may not be compatible. Please be sure to check the shape and fit of the back lamp bulb before purchasing.
・Although this product is designed in accordance with safety standards, it may be judged by the inspector that it does not conform to safety standards.
・When installing, it may be necessary to remove the tail lamp depending on the vehicle model.
・Processing such as wiring cutting is required for installation.
・Please do not use it together with the brake 4 lighting kit.

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