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[RUGGED X] Rear Bumper Defender

[RUGGED X] Rear Bumper Defender

Product purchase page is here >>> [RUGGED X] Rear Bumper Defender


Off-road style, beautifully designed for an excellent fit!

Rear bumper defender is released from "RUGGED X" series!

【Product Name】
[RUGGED X] Rear Bumper Defender

[Compatible models]
Hiace 200 series 4th to latest model. Standard body

・Natural black
・Raptor Black (+22,000 yen tax included)

■Extreme precision in fitting with ultra-high performance 3D CAD + 3D printer output that does not allow an error of 0.1mm.
■ Resin powder sintered product (unpainted product)
■It can be installed without painting with the matte texture of the AES base!

*Please allow approximately 4 weeks from order to delivery for Raptor Black.

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