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[KBRACING2] 2 pieces/17 inches RED CLEAR

[KBRACING2] 2 pieces/17 inches RED CLEAR

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* 17 inch is reverse rim setting. *Note : The wheel on the photo is 18 inch step rim.


[2PC] KBRACING2【7.0J~9.0J】

●Wheel diameter 17 inches

●Rim width 7.0J~9.0J

●Inset 4~50



Black/White/Glossy Black/Glossy Bronze/Black Polish/Titanium/Hyper Black/Dazzling Gold/Red Clear/Candy Red/Smoke Clear/Bronze Clear


《Reverse Rim》

Rim color standard setting : Buff anodized


● Rim color option

・Black alumite

・Bronze alumite

・Matte black alumite

・Matte bronze alumite


17 inches: +23,100 yen (per piece)


*Please specify your desired offset in the notes section.

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