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KBRACING16 x GOODYEAR NASCAR White Letter Set of 4

KBRACING16 x GOODYEAR NASCAR White Letter Set of 4

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Up-Lifted Style! ! Vehicle inspection compliant.
(There may be individual differences depending on the vehicle)


KBRACING 16inch wheels+ best-selling Goodyear NASCAR white letter tyres.

Recommended for Hiace 200 series 2WD and 4WD!

Wheel size : 16 inch 6.5J+38
Tire size : 215/65R16C

Product Information

【Set Contents】
・KBRACING16 wheels
・GOODYEAR NASCAR White Letter Tyres

4-pieces set Built-in balance adjusted

[Wheel Brand]

[Wheel Size]
16 inch 6.5J+38

[Number of Holes]
6 holes


[Tire Brand]
GOODYEAR NASCAR white letter

【Tyre Style】
white letter

Hiace 200 series

[Body Type]
Standard body, Wide body, Commuter, Super long

All grades - Super GL, DX, Fine Tech Tourer, Wagon

[Compatible Drive]
2WD, 4WD

[Applicable Engine]
Gasoline or Diesel

Black Polish
Black Ring Cut
Smoke Bronze

Hyper Black
Matt Bronze

*The center cap on the photo is included.


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