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KB Racing Titanium Nut 24 pieces

KB Racing Titanium Nut 24 pieces

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●Product description
Pursuing functional beauty. Highest grade racing nuts using 64 titanium alloy (Ti6AI-4V), the finest material.
The 64 titanium alloy boasts high durability, and the vivid coloration tells us that it is real titanium.
This is the top notch grade titanium racing nut that is particular about the material, manufacturing method, and appearance.
Comes with a certificate certifying that it is made of 64 titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V).

●Compatible Models
Hiace 200series 1st to current model

●Compatible Grade
Standard S-GL, Wide S-GL, Wagon GL, DX, Grand Cabin, etc.

64 titanium alloy (Ti6Al-4V)

● Set Contents
・Titanium penetration type 48.5mm
・17HEX (Hex) M12-1.5
・Set of 24 Titanium Nuts
・1 Material Certificate

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