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GT-S complete set of 5items  (ABS product)

GT-S complete set of 5items (ABS product)

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BUANJAPAN's sports style "GT-S series" comes up with a great value complete set with 5popular aeroparts !

■ Set contents
1. Bonnet
2. Front half spoiler
3. Side step
4. Rear under fin
5. Roof spoiler

■ Bonnet
A unique shape that is difficult to mold with conventional technology is realized by 3D modeling technology and ABS molding.
A beautiful press line that flows from the outside to the inside creates an elegant look that goes beyond the past face.

■ Front half spoiler
Inner winding type that boasts outstanding accuracy in fitting.
The press line that comes in while twisting from the side to the front accentuates the sharpness of the body.

■ Side step
A simple unified side step from the front to the rear.
A small side step design that does not interfere with driving.

■ Rear under fin
A rear underfin with a simple design that adds a sense of quality.
Don't miss the greatest merit of "flexibility" and "light weight" produced by ABS material.

■ Roof spoiler
The sporty appearance and outstanding lines further enhance the degree of custom perfection!

■ color
・White pearl (070)
・Black mica (209)
・Matte black
・Black Pearl (220)
・Gray metallic (1G3)
・White (058)
・Bordeaux mica (3R9)
・Dark Blue Mica Metallic (8P4)
・Silver metallic (1E7)
・Light yellow (599)

[Compatible vehicle]
Vehicle type: Hiace 200
Model: 4 to 7
Body shape: standard body

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