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GT-S Low Form Over Fender (ABS product)

GT-S Low Form Over Fender (ABS product)

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Unpainted ¥68,200-


White pearl (070) ¥99,000-


Black Mica (209) ¥99,000-


Other genuine colors ¥101,200-

[Compatible Vehicle model]
Hiace/Regius Ace
200 series Standard body,
200 series Wide body

All grades

■ Compatibility: 1sy to latest model, Standard and Wide body

The extension is about 8mm and has a design that starts from the press line and does not feel like overfender is installed. It can also hide the gap between the tires by about 25mm, allowing for a lower vehicle height. Attachment is done with double-sided tape and screws.

High-quality material. Acrylonitrile (Acrylonitrile), Butadiene (butadiene), and Styrene (Styrene) copolymer resin. ABS is used which has high strength such as impact resistance and is less prone to cracking.

*For colors other than Pearl White and Black Mica, the delivery time will be extended by [+3 weeks] from the normal delivery time.

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