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GT-S bonnet for standard body (ABS product)

GT-S bonnet for standard body (ABS product)

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A sporty "face" that makes you want to go out. Badface to the next phase.

A unique shape that is difficult to mold with conventional technology is realized by 3D modeling technology and ABS molding.
A beautiful press line that flows from the outside to the inside creates an elegant look that goes beyond the bad face of the past.
Outstanding precision in fitting
[Compatible vehicle]
Model: Hiace 200
Model: 1 to 7
Body shape: standard body

[Not mountable]
wide body



Unpainted ¥66,000-

White pearl (070) ¥99,000-

Black Mica (209) ¥99,000-

Other genuine colors ¥107,800-

(Tax-included price)

*Pearl white, black mica
Painted products other than
[+3 weeks] We will need your time.

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