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COB LED Room Lamp Set Surface Lighting Type

COB LED Room Lamp Set Surface Lighting Type

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【Product name】
BUAN JAPAN COB LED Room Lamp Set Surface Lighting Type

LED white (full set)
A revolution in LED technology!

[Compatible models]
Surface emitting COB room lamp compatible with latest model.
Hiace, Regius, Dark Prime, SGL only

[Vehicle Specific Design]
With a dedicated design that matches the shape of the room lamp, installation is easy using just double-sided tape and connectors.

[World's strongest high brightness]
By attaching the COB chip directly to the aluminum substrate, high brightness and heat dissipation
I was able to achieve both.

[Chip-on-board for long life]
COB stands for "Chip on Board", and the COB chip is directly mounted on the aluminum substrate.
It exhibits high heat dissipation and achieves a long life (50,000 hours).
Even if it is lit 24 hours a day, it will remain lit for 6 years.

[Reliable non-polar design]
The non-polar design allows you to install without worrying about polarity.

[The COB is a LED technology that is extremely excellent in brightness and diffusion]
it brightly illuminates the interior of the car over a wide area. Additionally, because it is issued from a uniform single surface, it does not result in "multiple shadows," and a natural light without streaks can be obtained.

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