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4-segment pipe bed kit

4-segment pipe bed kit

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[Compatible models]
Hiace, Regius SGL, Dark Prime, Dark Prime 2, Standard Body, Wide Body

[NOT compatible]
DX, wagon

[Mattress Color]
・Black leather

[Product Details]
This kit utilizes a mattress with a 4cm thickness cushion. The height can be adjusted in 5 stages from the floor to the bottom of the mattress: 38cm, 41.5cm, 45cm, 48.5cm, and 52cm. When set to 41.5cm (second from the bottom), the bed becomes almost flat when the rear seat back is folded down. (Effective space: 2m 24cm)

■ Combustible materials suitable for use in vehicles.
■ Equipped with tie-down hooks, allowing for use even when the bed frame is installed.

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