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Foldable Multi Table

Foldable Multi Table

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A foldable multi-table, convenient for those sitting in the second row, is now available! It can be easily attached to the separate bar in the Hiace, and is useful not only in the second row but also in the luggage compartment. Since it can be folded, it does not obstruct the movement inside the car. It comes in three color variations, allowing you to coordinate with the atmosphere inside the car.

[Product Name]
Foldable Multi Table

[Compatible Models]
Hiace 200 series Super GL, DARK PRIME, Standard Body, Wide Body

[Wood Color]
・Jet Black
・Silver Gray

[Material] Made of acacia wood, known for its natural wood grain. It is resistant to decay and mold, strong against impacts, and has excellent durability.

[Finishing Touches] The corners are finished with a trimmer to give a gentle impression with rounded edges. The coupling area is also cut with an arc to give a finish that looks embedded.

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