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【Wide body】 Front Bumper Guard "RUGGED XX"

【Wide body】 Front Bumper Guard "RUGGED XX"

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【Product Introduction】


The highly anticipated wide body version of the AES front bumper guard "RUGGED X", which dramatically enhances the off-road taste of the Hiace, has finally arrived! Its name is "RUGGED XX".


Just like the standard body version, it is one of the few wide body compatible aerodynamic parts that coexists with precise fitting and rich color variations. The impressive form that is suitable for wide body will make your Hiace even wilder and more memorable.

The popular "Raptor Black" painting is also available as an option!


This product's key points:

  1. Enhances the off-road taste
  2. LED daytime lights are an optional safety feature
  3. Allows for individuality with color options
  4. Easy to install
  • If you would like painting, it will take approximately 2 weeks from your order to delivery."

  • Color

    ①Natural black…¥63,800 (tax included)

    ②Bottom coloring…¥74,800 (tax included)
    ・Natural Black x Platinum Silver Metallic
    ・Natural Black x Bronze Metallic
    ・Natural Black x Sonic Titanium

    ③ Raptor Black (all painting) … 85,800 yen (tax included)

  • option

    Basic specifications…Inner mesh

    Additional option…LED daylight (+2,200 yen)