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Rear Bumper Guard "RUGGED X"

Rear Bumper Guard "RUGGED X"

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【Product introduction】

Made of AES and unpainted natural matte black creates a cool off-road feeling. A rear bumper guard modeled using ultra-high-performance 3D technology that does not allow even 0.1mm of error. Like the front, the bottom color can also be selected from 3 colors.


By installing it together with the dual muffler sold as a set, you can achieve the best back form.


It is possible to paint separately according to the user's Hiace custom, exactly"Adults can play"bumper guard.


* It will take about 2 weeks from order to delivery if you have painted one.

[Dual Muffler Product Introduction]

The tail end has a sporty oval shape.

Not only the visuals but also the quality is high, and two pipes with spare tires are at the end of the slope. Introducing four attractive high-quality dual mufflers. (car inspection correspondence)

■ Product name
Dual Muffler

■ Compatible Model
Standard Body, 1st to latest model,
S-GL, DX, Dark Prime 2
2.0L gasoline car/3.0L diesel car

Spare tire compatible, left and right independent 50mm slide.

(safety standard compliant product)
*Compatible with normal bumper *When installing on a 2.0L gasoline vehicle (TRH200V), it is necessary to cut the normal muffler.

⇒ Click here to purchase only the dual muffler

Dual muffler standard body for TRH200 gasoline and KDH200 diesel vehicles

Dual muffler standard body for GDH200 diesel car

  • Color

    ①Natural black…¥63,800 (tax included)

    ②Bottom coloring…¥74,800 (tax included)
    ・Natural Black x Platinum Silver Metallic
    ・Natural Black x Bronze Metallic
    ・Natural Black x Sonic Titanium

    ③ Raptor Black (all painting) … 85,800 yen (tax included)

  • Option

    Additional option…Dual muffler (+181,500 yen)

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