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[Black Leather] Box Bed Kit

[Black Leather] Box Bed Kit

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[Product name]
Black Leather Box Bed Kit (Standard/Wide)

[Compatible models]
Hiace, Regius SGL, Dark Prime, Dark Prime 2
standard, wide
*For vans

[NOT compatible]
DX, Wagon

A top plate: Black Leather
Box: Black wood grain pattern

[Product Details/Leather]
■ Black leather-like material (Fire Retardant Association certified flame retardant test passed)
■ Dirt-resistant and easy-to-remove processing has been applied

■ With 100V outlet

[Installation method/functionality/comfort]
The boxes on both sides are delivered in almost complete form! Easy to install. The cargo area can be installed even on the original floor. The bed is manufactured so that sinking or tilting will not occur due to the difference in height between the left and right boxes. In addition, the "R cut" finishing is applied so that the rear heater can function, and the detailed design is attractive. The soft texture of the top plate leather surface is gentle and reduces fatigue during car camping, temporary sleep, and on the road. The shape is also smart and simple. Small items can be easily stored in both side boxes.

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