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Hiace 200 Series Power Sliding Door Lock System

Hiace 200 Series Power Sliding Door Lock System

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It can be locked before the sliding door is completely closed!

When it rains or your hands are full of luggage, you want to lock the door, but you have to wait for the door to close.
Such a problem will be solved with this one ◎

■ Compatibility
Hiace 200 series
Compatible with all models of vehicles with power sliding doors

*In the case of standard specifications, the remote control cannot be used to lock the sliding door until it is completely closed.
* Due to the characteristics of the product, the lamp will turn off as soon as it starts to close, and will flash momentarily when it is completely closed.
It also blinks for a moment when opening the door, and turns off while it is open. After that, it lights up after it is fully opened.

*In the case of sliding doors on both sides, the controlled product is2 requiredbecomes. (The product is the same for both left and right)


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