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Stainless Hairline Number Plate Bracket

Stainless Hairline Number Plate Bracket

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■ Product Description〇 The "Number Plate Bracket" is an item for stylishly mounting your number plate. With its original laser-cut design, it gives a simple yet stylish impression.

〇 The number plate bracket comes with embedded nuts, eliminating the hassle of attaching nuts to the number plate during installation.

〇 The folded-back design supports the bottom of the number plate, reducing fluttering during driving.

〇 The drainage holes in the folded-back part prevent water from accumulating behind the number plate.

〇 The number plate tilt angle is set to 8°, meeting the vehicle inspection requirements.

〇 Additionally, you can add a unique accent with optional plates. Choose from seven colors, including plain.

■ Product NameStainless Hairline Number Plate Bracket

■ MaterialStainless Steel

■ Optional Color Plates (+5,500 yen)

  • Plain
  • Bronze Clear
  • Copper Orange
  • Yellow Gold
  • Raspberry Red
  • Emerald Green
  • Blue Clear