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complete cover set

complete cover set

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[Complete cover set]

In order to keep the inside of the car clean, we have made a "complete set" of 5 popular BUANJAPAN covers.
Easy to clean and easy to care for every day!

■ Black leather seat cover
Its fit, which goes beyond the concept of a seat cover, is a strong and perfect fit thanks to high design technology based on a unique molding method and high sewing technology by skilled craftsmen.

■ Engine hood cover + footrest cover
Stylish one-piece design with no vertical breaks. Cover your feet with PVC leather, which tends to get dirty!
You can keep your feet clean with a quick wipe. In addition, the heat transmitted from below is also reduced.
Easy to install with Velcro. It is a convenient item to wear at work or outdoors.

■Premium rubber mat front + rear
A three-dimensional rubber mat made possible by modern technology. Designed specifically for Hiace, it fits perfectly and can be washed with water even if it gets dirty. The back side is specially processed to keep it in place just by laying it on the genuine carpet.
In addition, it is a gem of peace of mind in case of emergency because it is flame-retardant.

【set content】
・Black leather seat cover
・Engine hood cover
・Footrest cover
・Premium rubber mat front
・Premium rubber mat rear

■Complete set special price, free shipping.



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