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Auto Mirror Kit for 4th to latest model

Auto Mirror Kit for 4th to latest model

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■Compatible model
Hiace 200 series
4th to latest model
Standard body, wide body, and Super long
All grades

■The mirror is automatically stored when the door is locked by keyless entry.
It eliminates the need to press the door mirror switch every time you get out of the car, and is also ideal for preventing forgetting to fold the door mirrors.
Additionally the door lock status of the vehicle can be easily checked from outside the vehicle.

■The mirror is automatically opened when the door is unlocked by keyless entry.
When parking in a narrow space where you do not want to unfold the door mirrors, it comes with a convenient function that disables the retraction priority function.
It's designed that gives priority to genuine control just by storing the genuine switch.

Unlock the door with genuine keyless → door mirror automatically unfolds

■Drive with peace of mind knowing that the product is equipped with a safety feature that prevents the keyless entry from accidentally being operated while driving. The control prioritizes the original control when starting the engine.

■ Warranty period
It comes with 2-year warranty on the product.

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