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XIPHOID Goodyear Nascar tire set of 4

XIPHOID Goodyear Nascar tire set of 4

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Introducing the long-awaited mesh design wheels from BUAN JAPAN. The front mesh extends sharply, resembling a "sword," while the back mesh serves as a "shield," supporting the wheel, making it the first-ever "double mesh design" for the Hiace.

■Set contents
XIPHOID 17 inch wheels x tires [Goodyear Nascar] Set of 4
Balance adjustment built-in

■Wheel size: 17inch6.5J+38

■Tire brand/size: Goodyear Nascar 215/60R17

<Standard color>
・Black polish
・Semi-gloss black polish
・Semi-gloss black
・Semi-gloss gunmetal
<A grade color> [+14,000 yen]
・Titanium polish
・Hyper black polish
<S grade color> [+28,000 yen]
・Dajiring Gold
・Red Clear XI
・Yellow Gold XI
・Smoke Clear XI
・Bronze Clear XI
・Copper Orange XI

Suitable for 1st to latest model, Dark Prime 2 is also OK!

■Delivery date
It will take approximately 2 weeks to install the tires.

*The center cap in the photo is included.

*Due to assembly work, returns and exchanges are not possible after ordering. Please confirm before placing your order.

[About set packaging]
After assembly, we will adjust the wheel balance of the product, put cushioning material in between, surround it with cardboard, tie it with PP tape (band), and package it individually for shipping.