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[RUGGED XX] Rear Bumper Defender WIDE body

[RUGGED XX] Rear Bumper Defender WIDE body

Click here to purchase the product >>> RUGGED XX Rear Bumper Defender for Wide Body

From the excellent fitting wide exclusive aero series "RUGGED XX" comes the rear bumper defender that gives the back form an attractive off-road style. The effective use of dummy screws gives it a one-of-a-kind presence.

This product is made of "AES," a material with high weather resistance performance, and its rough and characteristic grainy texture creates an impressive off-road look even without paint.

 【Product Name】
[RUGGED XX] Rear bumper defender for WIDE body

[Compatible models]
Hiace 200 series 1st to 7th, 8th model

[Compatible Grades]
It does not interfere with Wide Van, Wagon GL, Grand Cabin, Super Long, Finetech Tourer Intelligent Clearance Sonar, or Safety Sense.

・Natural Black

・Raptor Black (+22,000 yen tax included)

■Super high performance 3D CAD + 3D printer output that does not allow even 0.1mm error ensures outstanding fitting precision.
■ Resin powder sintered products (unpainted products)
■AES can be installed without painting, leaving the matte texture of the base material intact.

*Please allow approximately 4 weeks from order to delivery for Raptor Black.

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