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RUGGED XX 3-piece set for WIDE body

RUGGED XX 3-piece set for WIDE body

Click here to purchase the product >>> RUGGED XX 3-piece set for wide

 Introducing the 3-piece set for wide-body vehicles from the RUGGED X series! Featuring front, side, and rear components, enhancing the off-road style with even more strength.

All made from AES material. The matte black finish requires no painting and can be installed immediately.

Utilizing ultra-high-performance 3D technology with a tolerance of 0.1mm, these products boast outstanding fitting accuracy!

 [Compatible models]
Hiace 200 series 4th to latest model WIDE body

【Set content】
① Front bumper guard 

② Side sill guard 

③ Rear bumper defender

Natural Black

Basic specifications: Inner mesh 

Additional options: LED daytime lights (+4,400 yen tax included)

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