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[RUGGED XX] Side Sill Guard for SUPER LONG body

[RUGGED XX] Side Sill Guard for SUPER LONG body

Click here for the product purchase page >>> Side Sill Guard for Super Long

 Super long side sill guards are now available from the off-road style "RUGGED XX" series! By hiding the side sills, which are easily noticeable with normal or up-height vehicle height, you can achieve a style that does not look like a commercial vehicle.

This product uses AES, a material with high weather resistance, and its characteristic rough texture creates an impressive off-road feel even without painting (natural black). Like other RUGGED series, it is modeled using ultra-high performance 3D technology that does not allow even 0.1mm error, and boasts outstanding fitting accuracy.

*If you would like Raptor Black, it will take approximately 4 weeks from ordering to delivery.

Hiace 200 series 1st to latest model

 Body : Super long 

Grade: All grades

・Natural Black 

・Raptor Black (+22,000 yen)

*Not compatible with 4-door vehicles.
*For cold region specification vehicles, it is necessary to remove the lower molding.

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