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RUGGED X Rugged 4-piece set

RUGGED X Rugged 4-piece set

Product purchase page is here >>> RUGGED X Rugged 4-piece set


A complete set of 4 popular aero parts from the RUGGED X series,
have evolved further is finally here!
Includes front, side and rear plus UP-STYLE over fenders.

All items are made of AES materials . It can be installed without painting.

Modeled using ultra-high-performance 3D technology that does not allow even 0.1mm of error, the product boasts outstanding fitting accuracy.

[Compatible models]
Hiace 200 series 4th to latest model. Standard Body only

【set content】
① Front Bumper Guard
② Side Sill Guard
③ Rear Bumper Defender
④ UP-STYLE Over Fender

Natural Black

Basic specifications…Inner mesh
Additional option: LED daylight (+4400 yen including tax)

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