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Full Floor Panel

Full Floor Panel

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●Secondary seats foldable.
● A new type where the height of the seat surface does not change even if the floorboard is laid

●The shape perfectly fits the shape of the door step by NC processing!

  • The function of bringing it closer to 120 mm in front of the original function will no longer be usable.

    [Anti-mold and antiseptic materials]
    ・This product is a floorboard for vehicles, made with anti-mold and antiseptic materials.

    [Installed without modifications to the body]
    ・It can be installed without any modification to the body by using the original bolt holes. It is also easy to remove. Unlike products that cannot be removed once applied, it has excellent maintenance capabilities.

    [High-precision cutting achieved by NC processing]
    ・It fits perfectly without gaps according to the trim.
    The base is made of 12mm structural plywood, so it works well with screws and is convenient for making your own shelves.
    A strong aluminum H-mold is used for the division part to suppress the warp of the floorboard.

    [Long sheet / Weight capacity]
    ・The trim fits perfectly without any gaps, creating a seamless look. The base is made of 12mm structural plywood, making it easy to use screws for added strength and also convenient for creating custom shelves. The dividing parts are made of strong aluminum H-molding, ensuring stability.

    [Aluminum checkered steel plate rear end step standard equipment]
    ・The aluminum striped steel plate is genuine, so it is fully equipped to handle frequent heavy object handling, such as with motorcycles.

    [Compatible with rear seat belts]
    ・There is also a service hall for unloading the spare tire, so you don't have to worry if you get a puncture.
    (Remove the genuine rubber lid and replace it.)

    [Assembly is super easy with bolt-on! No drilling! ! ]
    ・Only 10 minutes from opening to assembly!
    No drilling is required for installation on the vehicle body.

    ・Black Quince
    ・Craft Wood
    ・Metal Oak

    (1) Late 3rd to latest model without power sliding door
    ②4th to latest model with power sliding door

    Narrow: ¥104,500 tax included
    Wide: ¥106,920 tax included

    The delivery time is about 3 weeks after the order is placed, as it is produced based on the order.

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